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Mast Climbers Cases

Scanclimber® by Tractel® Mast Climbing Work Platforms are suitable for any kind of facade work, installations, bricklaying and the handling of passengers and materials.

The OP Financial Group is Finland’s largest financial services group. This major OP-Pohjola project in Vallila consisted of renovating and building offices for the Group’s use. This project included the employment of 3 000 personnel altogether. The new building covers an area of slightly over 60 000 m2 and the combined floorage is 132 000 m2. Scanclimber had a key role to play in the successful construction of this versatile model, which after completion won a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate.


The new building was a modular architectural design, enhancing the overall use of space by up to 30%. Operating costs were reduced by 25%. Such an innovative design presented certain challenges during construction.

  • The inclined facade at angle of 11º required the installation of a suitable working platform.
  • A solution was required that could cover the long side of the facade with minimal platform repositioning. This would allow work to be carried out on all sides of the building simultaneously and reduce stoppages.
  • Transportation of material inside the building required a different solution than an MCWP.

Inclined facades

op pohjola vallila side 01

The architecture of the new building was innovative and consisted of the building sides tilting outwards at an 11° degree angle. The biggest challenge was to mount a work platform along these inclined facades. It was important that construction workers could utilise the platform to maximise efficiency.

Scanclimber developed installation techniques and the most feasible solution was to insert a wooden slab under the wheel chassis of an MCWP, allowing it to stand along the facade. Then a stronger anchoring method was used to secure the platform along the facade. Afterwards the platform was levelled with an adjustable plywood deck, so that the platform floor was in line with the levels.

Twin mast platforms

op pohjola vallila side 02

With the facade of the building tilting at 11°, the only way to achieve a high lifting capacity with an MCWP was to use twin mast platforms. Using twin mast platforms had certain benefits. Firstly, maximum facade surface was accessible at one time to increase productivity. Secondly, this configuration also helped to meet the completion deadlines, thus promoting efficient project management.

Payload requirement

op pohjola vallila sc1837

A project of this scale requires a hoist which can be used for material transportation and has a high payload capability. The MCWP’s were able to carry a weight of over 2000 kg but they were carrying facade material, whereas here the requirement was to transport material inside the building. The requirements were assessed and a Scanclimber H65 Wega hoist was suggested. These are heavy duty and start from a carrying capacity of 1800 kg. This fulfilled the requirements of material and worker transportation inside the building.

Equipment used

op pohjola vallila sc1837 f 65

The OP-Pohjola project was one of a kind; large scale and with a unique design demanding different equipment configurations. Scanclimber assessed the situation and provided the solution using:

  • 2 Scanclimber Wega Hoists; model: SC1837F-65
  • 4 Scanclimber MCWP’s; model: SC5000 twin mast units (1 used for inclined facade, 3 on long sides)