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Falcon H48 Construction Hoists

The Falcon H48 Personnel and Material Hoist Family offers a mid-range, flexible and up-gradable transport system for materials and people, with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 200 m. The robust H48 mast stands on a stable ground station and is easily assembled with the help of a crane or by hand with an optional mast assembly crane.

Falcon concept increases productivity

FALCON'S STRUCTURE IS MODULAR and provides reliability and low cost of ownership, making it a profitable investment for construction and rental companies. With a load capacity of up to 2000 kg and a lifting speed of 36 m/min, Falcon has already proved itself as a productive machine in various building sites around the world.

tampere tower hotel sc1432 double

FALCON's modular system allows to choose the required configuration with special features and characteristics. Later on the selected configuration can be adapted to different applications using relatively few modules and components. The hoist family offers different cage sizes, speed options and payload capacities. Additionally, there is a wide variety of landing gates, doors and mast anchoring systems.

FALCON HOIST is delivered with a certain cage size and load capacity but with the interchangeable components, the hoist is easily up or downgraded for the next project.