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Rambo H65H Construction Hoists

Rambo H65H Personnel and Material Hoist Family include a range of heavy-duty construction hoists, which are reliable choice for vertical transportation of material and people. The Rambo H65H hoist family is developed specially to address the needs of US market and according to the regulations of vertical access equipment in USA.

Rambo H65H Hoist Family

rambo front 01

The rambo H65H personnel and material hoist family offers a heavy-duty, flexible and upgradable transport system for materials and people, with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 985 ft. The robust H65H mast system stands on a stable ground enclosure and is easily assembled with the help of auxiliary crane or by hand with an optional mast assembly crane.

rambo's modular system allows to choose the required configuration with special features and attributes. Later on the selected configuration can be adapted to different applications using relatively few modules and components.

Rambo hoist family offers different cage sizes, speed options and payload capacities. Additionally, there is a wide variety of landing gates, doors and mast tie systems.

rambo car side open

rambo's lifting capacities for single car models are: 4410 lbs, 5510 lbs or 7055 lbs and the speed options are: normal speed 118 ft/min, mid-speed 177 ft/min and high speed 295 ft/min. The standard cars are available in three length options: 10'6'', 12'2'' and 13'9''. Doors can be assembled on one or every side of the car. It is possible to double the capacity of the car by using a twin car version. Then the greatest payload is 14110 lbs.

with climbing rate of up to 295 feet per minute, the Scanclimber Rambo is not only fast to ascend, but it is also faster to set up than most other hoists on the market. The reason is the stabile mast. Rambo’s rigid mast allows a maximum tieing space of 69 feet. These features labour efficiency and reduce set-up time in a safe working environment.