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Armada SC2032-65VL

ARMADA SC2032-65VL HOIST is the first model of our new Armada H65 personnel and material hoist family. It is a cost effective mid-range personnel and material transportation hoist that can carry a payload of up to 2 tonnes at a time. With lifting speed 54 m/min the hoist is faster to ascend than most other hoists on the market in its economical price range. Maximum lifting height with anchored mast is 200 m, by request the higher height is possible.

The standard cage length is 3,2 m and width 1,5 m. The hoist can be equipped with 1,5 m wide front and back doors. It is possible to use two cage in same mast, then lifting capacity can be doubled. The hoist equipped with a frequency controller (FC). It provides for smooth starting and stopping with a low starting current and less wear and tear.

Armada SC2032-65VL Hoist is not in compliance with EN12159 standard and not CE certified.