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Scanclimber® is the world´s technology leader in mast climbing equipment for both temporary and permanent installations.

Rambo SC2037-65H

RAMBO SC2037-65H with the 10’6” length cage floor is one of the smallest construction hoists in the Scanclimber Rambo H65H personnel  and material hoist product family. Its lifting capacity is 4410 lbs or 25 persons and the speed options are: normal speed 118 ft/min, mid-speed 177 ft/min and high speed 295 ft/min.

DOORS can be assembled on one or every side of the cage. The front door and the back door are 4’11” wide and the side door offers a wider 9’10” door opening for bigger materials.

RAMBO H65H hoist family is developed specially to address the needs of US market and according to the regulations of vertical access equipment in USA. It can be used either as a single or twin car personnel and material hoist. Maximum lifting height with anchored mast is 985’ but at the request higher heights are possible.