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SC700K is the strongest hoist in our light-weight industrial hoists product family with loading capacity 9 persons or 700 kilograms and lifting speed from 36 to 60 m/min. Since the hoist design is modular, SC700K can be designed to meet the requirements of the specific location and its environment.

HOIST CAGE internal footprint size is 1020x1730 mm with a height of 2090 mm. Cage can be equipped with a front door, back door and big side door.

GROUND STATION need to be bolted on a concrete or similar foundation. The SC700K ground station is equipped with one door but there are optionally available a back door and a wider side door.

SC700K LIGHT-WEIGHT industrial hoist is available with two lifting motors.

3 DIFFERENT MAST TYPES are available. All mast sections are 1508 mm high. Mast type is selected according to mast height and anchoring distance.