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Work Platforms Extensions

Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) add-on units are fully compatible with the existing Mast Climbers masts and other parts and components.
Add-on units offers new opportunities of application to use products in ways that are both versatile and productive.

Heavy Duty Chassis and Mast Section

Heavy Duty (HD) Chassis with new HD mast allows using Mast Climbing Work Platforms up to 30 meters height freestanding. Not only that but using the Chassis with outriggers, the mast climber can be used up to 55 meters height with only attaching the top anchor with a mast. When it comes to compatibility, the HD chassis can be used with the whole range of Mast Climbing Work Platforms i.e. SC5000, SC6000, SC8000 and SC10000.

The new anchoring technology includes an anchoring console and innovative top anchors which allows more flexibility in installation. The anchoring console enables the anchors (wall as well as a top anchor) to be adjusted and fixed to the mast at any position without the need of any additional components.

HD Mast Section M70 for MCWPs can withstand more payload. The HD mast sections are essentially heavier but with same dimensions as MCWPs standard mast sections and with the use of an adapter, it is fully compatible and usable with our standard mast sections.