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Triple Hoists

Triple Hoist is a lightweight, rack and pinion operated personnel and material hoist whose platform is driven by an electric motor on one or two masts.

SC20 M/T/P

THE TRIPLE HOIST SC20 is especially suitable for projects at lower building heights (under 100 meters). Thanks to their modular design both the mast and platform lengths can be extended; for instance the platform length varies from 1.7 to 5.1 meters.

ADDING EXTRA SAFETY systems enabled Scanclimber to double the running speed of Triple Hoist from 12 meters per minute to 24 meters per minute. Doubling the running speed in passenger transportation mode provides additional 50% time savings in active usage time and increases transport capacity by 35%.

THE DUAL MAST version SC20 can cope with loads of 1500 – 2000 kg. As a transport platform the maximum passenger loading capacity is 18. Competitors in the same product class have a maximum passenger loading capacity of just 7.

ALL MAST SECTIONS are hot-dip galvanized. One section has a length of 1.50 m and weight of only 43 kg. Scanclimber’s tubular mast sections have been designed to be compatible with Geda Unimast sections. The maximum anchoring distance for Scanclimber's mast sections is 10 meters with a 3 meter overhang.