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Triple Hoists

Triple Hoist is a lightweight, rack and pinion operated personnel and material hoist whose platform is driven by an electric motor on one or two masts.


SC8 IS A SINGLE MAST personnel and material hoist. It has a platform size of 1.4 x 1.7 m and a payload capacity of 5 persons or 500 kg. It can be used to transport workers, materials and equipment to the correct height in one go. They save a lot of time compared to the use of scaffolding and other lifting methods. In addition, site safety is greatly improved when workers need not climb to higher floors on scaffolding. Separate material or personnel hoists will not be needed, because all transport can be handled using the same hoist.

SC8 HOIST is quick and easy to install and dismantle. The hoist requires no separate foundation as it is installed on its own frame. The only requirement is that the ground is levelled and hard. The frame structure is light but rigid and sturdy. With the frame replacing the ground station of conventional construction hoists, the hoist is significantly quicker and easier to install and move around the site than heavy construction hoists.