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Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp is prepared by separating cellulose fibers from wood, fiber crops or waste paper. This could be done chemically or mechanically. Pulp is then bleached and dried to get the actual paper. The resulting paper is then finished according to the end use. Papermaking process is very old which was first invented in China in second century A.D. reaching Europe by 12th century. The machines have been developed over the passage of time because of which the process is faster and productivity is higher but the basic process of papermaking is still the same. Pulp and paper industry is lately controlled by North American, North European (Finland, Sweden and North-West Russia) and East Asian (China, Japan, South Korea) countries.

Special Requirements & Need of a Hoist

The demands of every manufacturing industry these days are getting higher with high expectations of productivity. Paper industry is no different even in the case when the focus is shifting towards less paper consumption. In order to meet the expected targets, process industry should run continuously without interruption. This means that all the processes which cause the process to halt must be addressed as quickly as possible. These processes mostly are related with maintenance. Thus, quick and easy preventive maintenance is the target. Industrial hoist or elevator is one of the means which could facilitate the maintenance processes along with efficient material handling and passenger transportation.

In order to ensure successful implementation of any machine in any industry, machine should meet that industry’s environmental and technical demands e.g. chemical industry requires the machinery to be corrosion resistant, oil and gas refineries are operating at high temperatures, so machine parts must withstand such heat and extreme conditions.

Industrial Hoists Models