Cologne Cathedral – an eternal restoration project

Cologne Cathedral – an eternal restoration project

Triple Hoist helping building work at Funke Mediengruppe HQ in Germany

Triple Hoist helping building work at Funke Mediengruppe HQ in Germany

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Triple Hoist is the family of lightweight, multipurpose hoists that serves as a material hoist, a personnel hoist and a transport platform. Triple Hoist is always in effective and productive use, thanks to its running speed, versatility and callability (i.e. the possibility to “call” the platform to specific floor like a normal lift). Other advantages for the customer are first rate safety and ergonomics throughout the whole product range of the Triple Hoist family.

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TRIPLE HOIST has been specifically designed for smaller building and renovation projects. This makes it a perfect choice and tool for rental and scaffolding companies. Because of its multi-purpose use, fast installation and extra safety features, Triple Hoist provides high return on investment – and still meets the high requirements of European Machine Directive and Standards.

Callability increases productivity. Triple hoists call control system allows users to call the platform from the ground station. In order to maximise the safety of the users, a display is installed in the platform to warn passengers in case a ground call occurs.

Callability enables unattended operation and shortens waiting times at the ground station. Usage of the platform can be increased by 20 %. This means higher productivity at jobsites.

Triple hoists are quick and easy to install and dismantle. The hoist requires no separate foundation as it is installed on its own frame. The only requirement is that the ground is level and hard. The frame structure is light but rigid and sturdy. With the frame replacing the ground station of conventional construction hoists, the hoist is significantly quicker and easier to install and move around the site than heavy construction hoists.

All Triple hoists models consist of modules. Thanks to the modular design, the hoist configuration can be adjusted as necessary. The customer can select between several different platform sizes, ramp and gate options and three different lifting speeds: 12, 24 and 36 m/min. Doubling the speed naturally halves the waiting time. This has particular significance on high building sites where the hoist constantly runs long distances. Increasing the speed is an easy way to make more efficient use of working hours and reduce waiting times.