• The Scanclimber Monster Platform

    The world’s largest transport platform, almost the size of a tennis court, helps builders at the Eiffel tower to rebuild its first floor in special ways. The Scanclimber Monster platform works as a transport platform, taking 9 tons of material and people up and down every day but it doesn’t move only people and goods. Being one of the busiest tourist attractions of the world, the platform also works as an elevated 162 m² work shop for the labour at Eiffel tower’s first floor at a height of 58 meters.
  • Educa SC1000

    Scanclimber has bundled up a special package for training purposes. Educa SC1000 is a well-balanced, high quality mast climbing work platform which can be used for training purposes in training centres or for real work at construction sites.
    The Educa SC1000 training package includes:
    • 7.1 meter platform with 3 kw lifting motors and full safety system
    • 1.0 meter platform extensions
    • 10 meters mast
    • 3 anchors
    • mini chassis
  • Triple Hoist

    Scanclimber SC8P and SC20P are personnel and material hoist models in the lightweight, multipurpose family of Triple Hoist construction hoists. Triple Hoist is always in effective and productive use, thanks to its increased running speed, versatility and callability. Other advantages for the customer are first-rate safety and ergonomics throughout the product range.
  • Taurus SC6000

    Taurus SC6000 is the middle heavy weight workhorse of Scanclimber's mast climbing work platforms. It is the perfect tool for any facade work that requires high capacity, whether for new construction or restoration. With a load capacity of up to twin mast version's 5 600 kg, and a lifting speed of 11.3 meter per minute, it is perfect for masonry (brick or block), stone or marble facade work from 0 to 300 meters in height.
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The Monster Work Platform

eiffel platform down 03
From June 2012 to June 2014 Bateg, a Vinci Company is renovating the first floor of the Eiffel Tower using Scanclimber's Monster Platform which is anchored only at height of 50 meters. Scanclimber designed a solution using two twin mast SC8000 units with an additional middle platform extension placed between them. This provided a 24.1 x 6.6 m floor area and 9 tonnes of capacity. In the final product, more than 90% of the platform is made of standard components.

The Snake Platform System

front page snake 01
The Scanclimber Snake Platform is a versatile addition to the Scanclimber product range. It is a hinged platform system which can be used with the Scanclimber SC5000 and SC8000 mast climbing work platforms. Market leading mast climbing equipment enhanced yet further by the ability to configure the platform profile to the structure regardless of the shape.

The Triple Hoists

front page triple hoist single
The Triple Hoist is the first family of lightweight, multi-purpose hoists. It has been specifically designed for smaller building and renovation projects. This makes it a perfect choice and tool for rental and scaffolding companies. One of the biggest advantages of these flexible, lightweight transport platforms is that they are callable – contrary to their rivals. Callability means that the platform can be called to a specific floor like a normal lift. Today, transport platforms are not callable.

The Mast Climbing Work Platforms

SC8000 front page
The Mast Climbing Work Platform is a perfect platform for all facade renovation work and different installations. Work can always be conducted at an ergonomically ideal height. If necessary, the platform can be protected from wind and rain, and even be heated, which guarantees continuation of work also during cold seasons.

The Construction Hoists

front page SC3237
The Construction Hoist family offers a heavy-duty, flexible and upgradable transport system for materials and people, with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 300 m.

The Industrial Elevators and Hoists

SC400K side 04 440x330
Scanclimber industrial elevators and hoists are meant for vertical transportation of persons and materials.

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