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Mast Climbers Cases

Scanclimber® by Tractel® Mast Climbing Work Platforms are suitable for any kind of facade work, installations, bricklaying and the handling of passengers and materials.

A special renovation task took place in Oulunsalo where the project was a water tower. The facade and roof of the water tank on the top of the tower had fallen into disrepair. The original metal cladding was corroded and needed replacing. The roof covering had to be renewed as well.

Ramirent Oy had the challenge to deliver suitable machines for the task. Workmen needed access to the circular water tank facade between 45 to 50 meters high.

There was really no other option for this job than using Scanclimber mast climbers, says Risto Mällinen from Ramirent Oulu.

The shape of the tower set special requirements for mast anchoring and platform extensions. No anchors could be mounted below the water tank, so the location of the first anchor was to be at an incredible minimum height of 45 meters. Working together with engineers from Scanclimber Oy, Ramirent found the best solution for the project. The anchoring challenge was resolved by using Maxianchors. Maxianchors, unique to Scanclimber are a much stronger anchoring system than the traditional methods and gives more opportunities for engineering special access solutions. In this case, two SC5000 mast climbing work platforms were used with two Maxianchors per mast. The first anchor was mounted at 45 meters and the second at 48 meters. "Even though the first anchor was so high, the work platform was very stable, comfortable and safe for the work", tells Mällinen.

Both machines had 13,7 meter long platforms. The circular shape of the work platform was made up with standard telescopic extensions up to a maximum length of 2,5 meters. In this way, the work platform had exactly the same shape as the water tank, and the gap between the platform edge and the tank was both small and safe. "This configuration was exactly what we needed here", tells Mällinen. Two Scanclimber SC5000 units were used on the job site to get half of the water tank wall area completed. After finishing the first half, the machines were moved to the opposite side of the tower and the rest of the tank wall was installed.